A new approach to manage — and even reverse — your T2 diabetes.

Reduce your blood sugar, decrease your medications, and achieve a healthy weight.


Learn the right diet for your body, while training your brain to stick with it permanently.


Why Pally Works

A low-insulin-producing diet can reverse T2 diabetes.

A low-insulin-producing diet has been clinically shown to reduce the effects of T2 diabetes, including improving blood glucose levels, insulin resistance, and inflammation — reversing the disease for many.

Pally makes your new diet sustainable long-term.

Pally’s immersive behavioral program can permanently change the underlying emotional patterns that drive food choices, with a step-by-step approach where every step feels achievable.

App Features in Development

1-on-1 Support

Our team is with you to provide emotional support every step of the way

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Get a customized plan based on 50+ data points about you

Private Community

Connect with others who are on the same journey

Brain Training Exercises

Strengthen your motivation and decision power to make permanent lifestyle changes

Reset Habits for Good

Learn protocols for every temptation and brain hacks to form new healthy habits

Emotional Training

Change harmful emotional patterns and build self-compassion so you can breeze past missteps