Veggies and Keto

Veggies are a fantastic source of vitamins, fiber, and a great sense of wellbeing — but they can also be chock full of net carbs. A simple salad, even without a sugary dressing, could easily meet or exceed your carb macro in one meal. However, a keto diet doesn’t necessarily mean a low-vegetable diet. In fact, sautéed veggies can be a great source of fat. Not all vegetables are made alike — their net carb content can vary greatly from one to another. With a little substitution and experimentation, you’ll be able to find the right balance between your taste buds and your macros.

The general rule of thumb is to stick to leafy vegetables and ones that grow above ground. However, this isn’t a strict rule. Kale, for instance, is a lot more carb-heavy than spinach: about 5.15g of net carbs per 100g of kale versus 1.43g of net carbs for spinach. You can use the USDA nutrient database to look up the nutritional content your favorite vegetables, but here’s a short list of some of the more keto-friendly ones:

Net Carbs for Common Low-Carb Veggies (per 100g serving)


Arugula — 2.05g

Asparagus — 1.78g

Avocado — 1.84g

Bell Pepper — 2.9g

Bok Choy — 1.18g

Broccoli Raab — 0.15g

Cabbage — 3g

Cauliflower — 2.97g

Celery — 1.37g

Eggplant — 2.88g

Kohlrabi — 2.6g

Mushrooms — 2.26g

Mustard Greens — 1.47g

Nopales — 1.13g

Olives — 2.8g

Radish — 1.8g

Spinach — 1.43g

Swiss Chard — 2.14g

Watercress — 0.79g

Zucchini — 2.11g