Planning on Going Off-Plan

Celebrations, parties, traveling, and other events can sometimes feel at odds with a plan to lose weight. Going off-plan can help you relax, enjoy yourself, and alleviate some of the stress of tracking during these events. There’s nothing wrong with going off-plan — but planning how you’ll go off-plan can help in many ways!

Check in Beforehand

Whatever your reason for going off-plan, take a moment to connect with that decision. Spending time with it allows you to explore your motivation and decide exactly what off-plan means.

  • Find a quiet space. Close your eyes and take five long, deep breaths through your nose. Exhale longer than you inhale.

  • Think about your goals and the progress you’ve made. Regardless of where you are in your weight-loss journey, the fact that you’ve chosen to show up is something to be proud of.

  • Picture yourself going off-plan. What does this look like? Taking a break from measuring? How much would you limit yourself to? One slice of cake at the party? One non-keto meal a day while travelling?

  • Once you’ve identified the ways you might deviate from your plan, think about how this decision makes you feel, focusing on your body. How does it feel in your chest? In your belly? In your shoulders? Stay with this feeling for five minutes, breathing in and out. After five minutes have passed, release the feeling with three deep breaths in, followed by powerful exhalations that last longer than your inhalations.

  • Next, imagine yourself afterwards. If you are taking a break, how are you getting back on track? Consider the process of getting back into ketosis. Again, stay with these thoughts for five minutes and release them with deep breaths.

Make Rules

If you decide to go off-plan, it’s important to set goals and boundaries. Stating your intentions, especially out loud, can help you hold yourself to them. If you have someone you feel comfortable sharing these intentions with, asking them to be an accountability partner can make a big difference. If not, we are happy to be that partner for you!

  • Identify start and end dates and times so you know when these rules will be in effect and when you will return to your plan.

  • Decide on what you will eat and drink and how much. What is okay and what is off-limits? What portion sizes at restaurants? How many meals a day will be non-keto?

  • If alcohol is involved, decide how much you’ll be drinking. Consider your tolerance and self-control while drinking — will you be able to cut yourself off at one drink, or should you avoid it completely?

  • Determine how you will get back on-plan. What does the day after look like? What will your next meal be? Can you prep ahead of time to make the transition easier?

Check in Afterwards

  • If it’s hard to get back on-plan, don’t worry about eating to your exact macros; just stick to the KI-approved food list and keep your fat intake high.

  • Reflect on your experience. How was your time off-plan? How did you feel? Did you follow the rules you made? Are there things you will do differently next time?

  • Most importantly: congratulations are in order! This is an important step in your journey — planning ahead and getting back on track are important skills to develop. Celebrate your victory!