Navigating Social Situations

Even with family and friends, sticking to a diet during social situations can be challenging and awkward. The truth is many people attempt to sabotage when confronted with their own poor food choices. Often, their response is dismissive. Decisions on a restaurant or a shared dish get made in the name of their fun: “come on, you can do this just once!”

To better navigate these situations, it is good to prepare a response. Something simple and to the point. “Do you mind if I order separately? My body can’t digest certain kinds of carbs.” If they ask, you can tell them you can’t digest sugars and starches. If someone suggests a restaurant you know will be difficult, offer a safer alternative. “Can we go somewhere else, somewhere where I can get a burger?” Find something that feels comfortable to you.

It is important to rehearse it, perhaps in front of a mirror or roleplaying with a friend. Knowing what to say in the moment makes a big difference. It will become second nature soon enough and no one will think twice of it!