Macro Adjustments

Your initial macros take many things into account: your goals, your metabolism, your family history, and more. They are designed to get you into ketosis and support healthy weight-loss. At some points in your journey, your macros may need adjusting — namely when you experience stalls, set points, or begin the maintenance phase.


Stalls can happen for a number of reasons — but if you aren’t in ketosis, despite accurately measuring and consistently eating to your macros, this is a sign that your macros may need adjusting. We closely monitor your daily logs for stalls of any kind, but feel free to reach out to us with concerns about potential weight-loss stalls. You can read more about stalls and how to break through them here.

Set Point

At some point in your weight-loss journey, especially as you get closer to your goal weight, you may experience a stall that feels impossible to break through — no matter how strictly you follow your plan.

There’s no clear consensus on what causes it, but this “set point” is an undeniable phenomenon. It happens at different weights for different people and takes a lot of work and patience to break through. There are different ways to break through a set point (you can read more here), but a macro adjustment may be appropriate.


Since the maintenance phase of your weight-loss journey is about maintaining weight instead of losing it, we take a different approach to developing these macros. As you approach your goal weight, we’ll start the conversation about this adjustment and your future plans — including whether you want to stay in strong ketosis, how to add healthy carbs and proteins to your diet, and more.

We keep a close eye on your progress and make all these adjustments as they are needed, but feel free to start a conversation with us by email or in your daily logs if you have any questions or concerns!