Keto, Exercise, and Carbs

The keto diet pairs well with exercise, maximizing fat loss while increasing lean body mass. There is a common myth, though, that exercise (especially high intensity exercise) requires “carbing-up” beforehand to get the glucose to fuel your workout. This isn’t the case — through a process called gluconeogenesis, your body is actually capable of generating all the glucose you need from protein and fat.

In fact, carbing-up can have the opposite effect, since those carbs would be used for fuel first before any of your body fat. Changing your fuel source can lead to hitting walls during your workout once that new store of glucose is used up — not to mention that exercise does not prevent the glucose from ending up in your blood. Carbing-up will likely increase your insulin production and kick you out of ketosis no matter how much you exercise.

If your workout routine includes high intensity exercise, we recommend consuming extra protein instead. Every body is different, so make sure to take note of what you eat and how your body responds to the workout.