Food from Friends

When dealing with the stress of moving, the loss of a loved one, or any other major life event, a fresh-cooked meal from friends or family can be a welcome comfort. Of course, they usually don’t come with nutritional information — not to mention that most conventional “comfort foods” are carb-heavy.

The name “comfort food” is no coincidence; we often medicate with food to alleviate stress. It’s very hard to deal with cravings or temptations on top of major life events, but it says nothing about your strength or commitment if you decide to go off-plan during these periods of stress. You are strong, you are committed — the fact you’re on this journey in the first place is proof enough!

If you want to stay on-plan during this time, the following tips can be helpful in dealing with food from friends.

  • These foods are best dealt with by putting them out of sight and out of mind right away. Just as it is easier to resist the temptations of non-keto foods if you don’t see them every morning, it is easier to resist a casserole if it isn’t left out on the counter.

  • If you live with others, offer the food to them — just make sure they know to put it away once they’ve eaten. If you have friends or family helping you in other ways, offer it to them.

If you are thinking about going off-plan, take a moment to connect with yourself and consider what that means — take a look at this article on how to approach going off-plan. If you have any questions or need other advice during this trying time, please reach out!