Fat Bombs

If you are having trouble regularly eating to your fat macro, try experimenting with some high-fat dishes, or “fat bombs.” Fat bombs are bite-sized snacks jam-packed with healthy fats. There are countless different recipes, so experiment to find some that work for your tastebuds and your macros. Many tend to be on the sweet side, using artificial sweeteners to achieve their flavor. If you have an elevated insulin response, be cautious with how much sweetener you consume (read more about artificial sweeteners here).


A Year of Fat Bombs by Elizabeth Jane is a great resource if you’d like an actual cookbook. Martina Slajerova’s Keto Diet Blog has compiled a list of 60 fat-bomb recipes from all over the internet, and Keto Summit has its own guide to fat bombs accompanied by a dozen recipes.

Some of these recipes don’t provide nutritional information, so remember to calculate it when you try one for yourself!