Hi, Diane!

Your Daily Macro Goals:

Total kcals: 1603–1683 kcals
Total g fat: 139–
144 g
Total g protein: 73–79 g
Total g net carbs: 15–17 g (how to track net carbs)
% Calories from fat: 76–78%

Your Profile:

Starting Weight: 173 lbs
Goal Weight: 155 lbs
Insulin Response Level: Moderately Elevated (learn more!)
Risk of Keto Flu: Moderate (learn more!)

Fill out the form below every day and watch your progress in the logging sheet found here: DIANE'S DAILY KI LOGGING.

We monitor your progress, too, so that we can make sure your custom macros are balanced correctly. We'll keep an eye on your weight loss and ketone levels and make adjustments as necessary. We'll also send you guidance along the way so you can feel confident that you're implementing keto in a way that maximizes healthy weight loss. 

Your Metabolic Profile

Insulin Response — Moderately Elevated

Your data and family history indicate that you may have a moderately elevated insulin response to glucose (sugar) in your blood. This means that you can include fewer carbs in your diet while sustaining weight loss than someone with a normal response, but you may be able to include more carbs than someone with a highly elevated response.

Because your weight gain did not occur in your childhood or early adulthood and because you are not hungrier after eating a carb-heavy meal, your insulin response is not likely to be highly elevated, despite your family history of diabetes and pre-diabetes. We will monitor your progress and make changes to your macros if necessary.

  • A family history of diabetes (grandmother, grandfather)
  • A family history of pre-diabetes (father)

Risk of Keto Flu — Moderate

You are at a moderate risk for keto flu because you have been eating a diet that includes high levels of processed flours and sugar. During a transition from the standard American diet to a keto diet, it's very common to experience symptoms such as lack of energy, headaches, and nausea. Your macros have been calculated to mitigate, but not eliminate, these symptoms. If you become overwhelmed by your keto flu symptoms at any time, we can make changes to your macros that will provide immediate relief. Many factors can contribute to the severity of a bout of keto flu, including calorie intake, food choice, and percentage of calories from fat.