Keto Intelligence: Customized Keto Analysis & Macro Program

Keto Intelligence: Customized Keto Analysis & Macro Program


Our adaptive program uses a system of detailed surveys to learn more about you in order to create a custom keto macro plan designed for your body. As you move through the program, you'll receive regularly-updated macro recommendations based on more than 100 data points about your unique physiology, history, and genetics, as well as your ongoing keto successes and challenges.

The program can be completed in as little as four weeks. Once completed, you’ll receive a detailed keto analysis, including a final recommendation for your unique, customized macros, a comprehensive report on your metabolic profile, information on your likelihood and degree of insulin resistance, a helpful analysis of your eating habits, and individualized resources to help you achieve or sustain ketosis in the future.


At the beginning of the adaptive program, you’ll complete a 100-point intake process with more than 100 questions about your personal diet history, family, lifestyle, current eating habits, goals, and health. Within 24 hours of completing the first step, you will receive our preliminary recommendation for your unique starting macros, along with helpful tips and information on how to make your ketogenic way of eating as effective as possible.

Each week, you will continue to complete detailed assessments as our program learns more and more about your habits, lifestyle challenges, metabolic profile, and goals. After you’ve completed each assessment, you’ll receive an updated recommendation for your individualized macros and more tips and info to help you thrive and enjoy your keto lifestyle.

After completing the intake and subsequent three assessments, you’ll receive your comprehensive report with the details on your metabolic profile and guidance about what that means for sustaining ketosis and weight-loss for the long term.

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