Hi, Anne!

Your daily goals:

Total kcals: 1430-1470 kcals
Total g fat: 113-122 grams
Total g protein: 72-78 grams
Total g net carbs: 13-15 grams
(how to track net carbs)
% calories from fat: 74%-76%

Your Profile:

Starting Weight: 174 lbs
Goal Weight: 140lbs
Insulin Response Level: Moderate - High (learn more)
Risk of Keto Flu: Low (learn more)

Fill out the form below every day and watch your progress in the tracking sheet found here: ANNE'S DAILY KI LOGGING.

We monitor your progress, too, so that we can make sure your custom macros are balanced correctly. We'll keep an eye on your weight loss and ketone levels and make adjustments as necessary. We'll also send you guidance along the way so you can feel confident that you're implementing keto in a way that maximizes healthy weight loss. 

Date *
What date is this information for? We all forget to enter our tracking info some days. If you need to catch up on tracking, you can just submit this form twice or more on the same day, making sure to include the correct date below.
I only ate food and drank beverages from the Keto Intelligence-approved food and drink list.
I ate within my recommended calorie range.
I stayed under my daily carb limit.
I ate within my recommended range for grams of fat.
I ate within my recommended range for grams of protein.
I tracked the calories, fat, protein, and net carbs for the food and drink I ate today, including unplanned eating like snacking, nibbling, and tasting as I cooked.
I did NOT eat any food or drink prepared by someone else that I could not track because I didn't have access to reliable nutritional analysis.
I carefully weighed or measured all the food I ate on a digital scale or with measuring cups and spoons.
I did NOT eat any food with artificial sweeteners today.
If you are suffering from keto flu, are the symptoms manageable?
We can help you strategize about how to stay on track during vacations (all-you-can-eat cruises!), stressful events (in-laws in town!), or even when you're on your period (x_x). Give us 1-2 business days to get back to you.
We are here to help! Let us know if there's an aspect of the program that you're struggling with.


Insulin Response

Your data indicates that you have a moderate-to-high insulin response to glucose. This means that you can include fewer carbs in your diet while sustaining weight loss than a person with a low insulin response. 

  • You mentioned that you experience "fuzzy brain" after eating. This indicates a high insulin response.
  • Increased hunger the morning after a carb-heavy meal indicates a high insulin response.
  • The fact that you have been able to maintain significant weight loss over a long period of time while eating as many as 30 grams of carbs a day indicates that your insulin response is not off-the-charts high.

We've started you at a low carb count to kickstart your weight loss. We'll be monitoring your progress and making adjustments to ensure that your diet is as unrestricted as possible while still maximizing your healthy weight loss. 

Risk of Keto Flu

You are at a low risk for keto flu because you have been eating a low-carb diet. You may still experience some keto flu symptoms, but they should be short-lived and manageable.  If you become overwhelmed by your keto flu symptoms at any time, we can make changes to your macros that will provide immediate relief. Many factors can contribute to the severity of a bout of keto flu, including calorie intake, food choices, and your diet's percentage of calories from fat.