End compulsive eating, for good.

Pally is the first weight loss app for mind and body, designed by experts in partnership with the National Science Foundation.


Quiet obsessive thoughts and feel like you're in control.


Eat in alignment with your goals, even when you're stressed.


Bounce back from mishaps faster and smarter.


Belong to a community that's here to support you, anytime.


Willpower doesn't work in real life.

We know — we tried it, too.


Pally was created by behavioral neuroscience experts and recovering food addicts. Modern scientific research has confirmed what you already know: willpower doesn't work for compulsive eating.

But there's good news — behavioral neuroscience is unveiling tools that can transform our emotional relationship to food for good.

Studies show that we can effectively increase motivation and self-control, decrease stress-responses, regulate the "feel-good" chemical dopamine, and develop self-awareness and compassion with simple yet powerful daily practices. 


"I battled food every single day. Pally helped me tackle my emotional eating at its core.

— Sandy, Missouri


Feel like you're in control of what, when, and how much you eat — instead of cravings or emotions running the show. 

Pally's daily practices "train your brain" to make eating choices that are aligned with your goals, even when you're feeling stressed, bored, or down. 

The program combines weekly audio lessons with short, daily practices to reset your mind and body — so you can stay on-plan, no matter what.


This is the way I'm going to keep the weight off forever. 

— Geri, Oklahoma


The Science Behind Pally

Based on the best research in behavioral neuroscience and the science of food addiction


Your battle with food is actually a battle between two systems in your brain — survival impulses versus rational control. Even the smallest stressors can kick your survival impulse into high gear, making it feel impossible to say no to that bowl of M&M’s in the office. 

Research shows that it's possible to interrupt and modify brain patterns, strengthening rational control and reducing impulsive thinking. We can actually change the physiology of our brain using evidence-based practices.

Pally’s approach is based on 15+ years of research and client work by our Ph.D founder, Dr. Martha Katz, combining behavioral neuroscience, metabolic science, cognitive behavioral therapy, and meditative practices to build self-compassion, new habits and quiet the addictive mind.